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eedudee's mission is to help raise digitally resilient kids.

Kids who understand and can feeectively navigate through potential online dangers or negative situations but at the same time have the necessary social skills to interact and connect with others in a positive, productive, and safe way online.

We are collaborating with parents just like you and experts from various fields to create a comprehensive education hub. You get the

knowledge and insights needed to protect and raise digitally resilient kids, while your kids enjoy building their online social skills through fun, educational content.

The eebudee platform gives your kids a set of social media training wheels to practice their skills in a controlled and safe environment so they can make mistakes without real-world consequences.

The Early Adopter Advantage program (EAA)

eebudee is created to serve you, the parents. Be a part of our Early Adopter community and shape the development of the eebudee education programs and platform.

As a token of appreciation for our Early Adopter’s Advantage (EAA) members, eebudee is honored to offer a one-time special offer of $9.95. per month for your entire family (up to 10 user accounts).

Life-time Rate Guaranteed

Sign up now and lock in this rate for life! You will continue to enjoy all
the educational material and platform feature savailable now as well as
future iterations without worrying about membership cost increases.

Unlike traditional social media platforms,at eebudee we want your personal community to be private by default,open only to your own invited family members and close friends.When you register,you create a neighborhood of sorts in your fridge.Each family member who joins your community signs up under your membership with no added fee.Up to 10 family members can join your community under the umbrella of the original $9.95 membership fee.

Keep in mind the $9.95rate is an introductory offer to celebrate our American launch, but you will be automatically grandfathered in to this low price by joining early. The expiration of the offer will only raise the price for new members; you will always retain your initial fee.

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