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eebudee educates, protects, and has fun doing it!

We accomplish this through two focused areas:

Education for parents and kids about online safety, behavior, and digital resilience.


Technology that allows approved family members and friends to interact with your kids in a controlled and safe environment.

eebudee's mission is to help raise digitally resilient kids through education and a safe environment to practice positive social behavior.

Digitally resilient kids are ones who understand and can effectively navigate through potential online dangers or negative situations but at the same time have the necessary social skills to interact and connect with others in a positive, productive, and safe way online.

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Join the eebudee family to experience a safe and educational environment for kids, parents, and family members. Start connecting, learning, and sharing today!

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The eebudee Education Hub

eebudee creates educational content geared towards both parents and kids aged 4-12. By collaborating with communities of parents, educators, behavioral and social psychologists, and experts from related fields, eebudee brings you the most comprehensive education hub to help your family safely navigate through the social media world.

eebudee Experts

One such expert is Adam Alter, an associate professor of marketing at New York University's Stern School of Business with an appointment in the New York University Psychology Department. Dr. Alter's expertise in the field of judgment, decision-making and social psychology with a focus on technology is invaluable to parents.

CLICK HERE to check out his bio and useful resources to get a taste of the eebudee education hub.


The eebudee platform is social media training wheels for your kids. It is where kids can practice what they have learned about being safe online and put that knowledge to use. It is also a place where you, the parents, can support them on their journey and help them become digitally resilient.

The eebudee social media training wheels

Just as we need training wheels and coaching to learn how to ride a bike, establish good habits, and master other endeavors in life, learning how to effectively and safely navigate in the digital world is no different.

Kids also need a safe environment to fail without real world consequences when it comes to learning to be safe online.

This is where eebudee comes in.

What are the core features of the eebudee platform?

The eebudee platform offers communication and sharing features similar to those of the major social media networks. This allows kids to get a preview of the different ways they can share information and interact with others before joining these social networks.

However, parents and kids are able to enjoy the eebudee features with peace of mind knowing only people who are approved by parents can interact with their kids. You have the ability to control who is a part of this closed group at any given time.

Introducing bud!

Bud is your kid's companion, best friend, as they learn and practice online safety. Bud is a cartoon character in the form of a fridge. It is the central place where your kids can safely share and interact with the closed group of people whom you've approved.

Bud, the fridge, also serves as the home base of eebudee's education hub.

Why the fridge?

Making and having meals together in or around the kitchen is usually the time and the gathering place for family conversations. The fridge is where you keep the ingredients of these meals.

We use the fridge to symbolize a gathering place of all the ingredients (education and social media training wheel practice) you need to raise digitally resilient kids.