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Growing up in a digital world has made our kids tech savvy.

eebudee's mission is to help raise kids who are not only
digitally savvy, but also digitally resilient.

Digital Resilience ['dijidl rə'zilyəns]


  • Being able to quickly spot potential dangers and know what to do to avoid them
  • Understanding the difference between positive and negative interactions online and being able to navigate through negative situations
  • Leading by example; displaying positive and productive behavior when building relationships with others online

The internet and social networks enable us to connect with others more than ever before.

The Positive aspects that can come from this connectednes are powerful. we all know of them- the internet brings people together, allows for greater access to information and accelerates learning; itgives birth to communities thats have the potential to affect positive change in people'slives in an entire society or even the word.

However spending too much time online or worse yet being addicted to technology can cause serious harm in a child's mental and physical develoment that can have long lasting negative effects in adulthood.

Furthermore,we are aware of the potential dangers 1n social networks and as parents. our JOb 1s not to shield our kids from the online world but to empower them to be a part this connected world so they can reap the benefits whie properly protecting themselves and developing effective communication and positive social skills.

eebudee Educational Goal

Our goal is to serve as the go-to place for you, the parents, to find high quality, insightful, and fun educational material for you and your kids.We work with communities of parents, educators, behavioral and social psychologists, and experts in other related areas to bring you the most comprehensive education hub.

Coming Soon! eebudee education hub

What will be in the education hub?

The education hub contains eebudee-approved content that is created or curated by eebudee. It contains material for both parents and kids 4-12 years of age. The type of content can include:

  • Articles
  • Recommended books
  • Facts from research reports and data
  • Fun and shareable material like memes, interactive images, short video clips
  • Videos
  • Expert talks
  • Community-voted material from other parents and eebudee community members
  • Kids shows
  • Educational games

The Early Adopter Advantage (EAA) Program

Join the eebudee movement now! Become a part of our Early Adopter Advantage community and enjoy this one-time special offer of $9.95 per month for up to 10 family members and lock in that rate for life.

Be a part of this community and shape how we develop our education program and the platform itself. eebudee is created to serve you, the parents, and we want to collaborate!

eebudee isn't just a social media site helping families raise digitally resilient kids. Our community puts an emphasis on education, and our team is currently building an education curriculum to be rolled out in the coming months.

As a member, your family will have access to multiple education categories for all youth ages classified by grade. Our goal is to provide the eebudee community a one stop shop for online educational resources that are both instructional and fun. Content formats will vary from videos to worksheets to interactive educational games and more.