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eebudee is safe
social media…

but it isn’t just another social media platform.

It’s a source for parents to successfully raise digitally resilient kids by gradually introducing them to the digital social environment in a protected, responsible way. Think of it as training wheels for the online world.

Today, technology is an intricate, necessary part of everyday life and it’s now common for our kids to be online as early as kindergarten, using kid-friendly e-learning sites or streaming cartoons.

As our children start using the internet at an earlier age, and as tech becomes more and more social, instilling in our kids an awareness of online safety and an ability to make empowered, intelligent decisions online becomes a priority.

This is where eebudee comes in.

At eebudee, we host an environment that shows kids how to communicate on social platforms, with whom and for how long. The friendly interface of “posting” on the fridge in the family kitchen is recognizable to kids and helps ease them into this new world.

Our creators and founders are parents, just like you, who care about making the Internet a safer place for kids. We guide parents in showing their kids how to use social media platforms without the risk of exposing them to bullying and predatory behavior.

We help parents teach kids good habits.

To celebrate our launch in the States, we are offering a special Early Adopter’s Advantage program (EAA) price of $9.95/month!

Community members who sign up during this introductory period are automatically grandfathered in to this price – you’re locked in and it will not change. The expiration of the offer will only raise the price for new members; you will always retain your initial price!

Join the eebudee family to experience a safe and educational environment for kids, parents, and family members. Start connecting, learning, and sharing today!

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