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Safe social learning
for kids

Raise digitally resilient kids

As technology becomes a more integral part of our lives, we as parents need guidance on helping our kids develop healthy online social skills, including preventing or dealing with tech addiction.

At eebudee, we are helping parents raise digitally resilient kids though a combination of education and practice. The foundation we build for them now will positively affect their development into young adults.

We are helping parents raise digitally resilient kids though a combination of education and practice.

The eebudee technology is like social media training wheels for kids aged 4-12. It provides a safe and controlled environment online, with a friendly, recognizable interface of “posting” on the fridge in the family kitchen.

And like your kitchen at home, the eebudee platform allows for sharing and communication but parents have full control over who can be a part of their group that gets to interact with their children.

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eebudee Experts

As our children start using the internet at an earlier age, and as tech becomes more and more social, instilling in our kids an awareness of online safety and an ability to make empowered, intelligent decisions online becomes a priority.

eebudee is collaborating with parents in our community, educators, behavioral and social psychologists, and other experts from various fields to build the most comprehensive education hub to prepare both parents and kids.

One such expert is Adam Alter – an associate professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business with an appointment in the New York University Psychology Department.

Dr. Alter’s expertise in the field of judgment, decision-making and social psychology with a focus on technology is invaluable to parents.

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Why eebudee?

We are all aware of the potential dangers online but keeping our children from joining social media networks is not a feasible solution.

Today, there are many monitoring and parental control technologies available. While they give parents (perceived) control, over-monitoring and being “helicopter” parents often create mistrust rather than building trust with your kids.

The Internet and social networks enable us to connect with others more than ever before. The positive aspects that can come from this connectedness are powerful. We all know some of them – the connectedness nature of the Internet and social media brings people together, allows for greater access to information and accelerates learning; it gives birth to communities that have the potential to affect positive change in people’s lives, in an entire society, or even the world.

At eebudee, we believe there is a way to empower our kids to be a part this connected world to reap the benefits while properly protecting themselves. We do this through two focused areas:

Education for parents and kids about online safety, behavior, and digital resilience.


Technology that allows approved family members and friends to interact with your kids in a controlled and safe environment.

What do you get with eebudee?

Just as we need training wheels and coaching to learn how to ride a bike, establish good habits, and master life skills, learning how to effectively and safely navigate in the digital world is no different.

Kids also need a safe environment to fail without real world consequences when it comes to learning to be safe and an effective communicator online. This is where eebudee comes in.

What are the core features of the eebudee platform?

The eebudee platform offers communication and sharing features similar to those of the major social media networks. This allows kids to get a preview of the different ways they can share information and interact with others before joining getting on these social networks.

Parents and kids are able to enjoy the eebudee features with a peace-of-mind knowing only people who are approved by the parents can interact with their kids. You have the ability to control who is a part of this closed group at any given time.

eebudee sharing features:

Invite friends and family to your fridge

Add and share videos

Upload, share, and comment on photos

Manage calendar of family events

Showcase your young artist’s drawings

Use Sticky notes for helpful reminders

Archive photos, drawings, notes, and other items

Permanently delete items from the platform

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